So another disappoint your parents weekend Fanime has passed and this year was a pretty quiet one for me, this year for musicfest they had Da-ice, whom I’ve never heard of until now, but they’re a significantly smaller name than the bands of the previous years, including FLOW and back-on.

Very few panels have ever interested me at Fanime, and this year even more so. I was hoping to see Sekai Project this year, but it looks like that’ll have to wait til AX. It seems like they really push the fan driven aspect since it seems like the industry side of it is pretty slim. They did have Cristina Vee and some other voice actors, but anything beyond the US border didn’t really exist.

Cosplaying in the Takemikazuchi was absolutely brutal, 85 degree San Jose weather and wearing a full body suit of EVA foam is pretty much a death trap. I think about 5 whole people recognized what I was from, and everyone else thought I was EVA unit-01, which I can see why, since the Type-00 is somewhat based on it. Kind of disappointing but still a fun weekend.

I am however, super hyped about Anime Expo. The Muv Luv team has been cockteasing that they’ll be bringing in some guests for the past month, and I’ve got a good feeling the Koki will be there.


Japan Super Live is also a big thing I’m looking forward too, JAM project and Kuribayashi means Muv Luv songs! Already got a ticket and just counting down from here.

Also really hyped about meeting fellow Muv Luv fans, this AX is going to be the most significant one for the series, with the advent of the first game. There will be another TSF cosplaying also, so the hype train is seriously real for all you PTSD victims out there.